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What Can We Do For You?

Cogito Ergo Sauté is a personal chef service that focuses on boutique experiences – making food for really large groups would require too many culinary sacrifices and we don’t sacrifice the quality of food for any reason. That being said, every event is different and creative thinking and careful planning can resolve most problems. So let's talk about it. CES typically works with events of the following sizes:

  • Dinner Parties for as many as 20

  • Cocktail Parties for groups as large as 100

  • Wine Tastings (depending on the setting) for as many as 25

  • Cooking Classes for groups under 12

  • Cocktail Classes for as many as 30

  • BBQ for as large as 150

  • Weekly Meal Prep for families as large as 6


Dinner Parties

At Cogito Ergo Sauté, we love cocktail parties, dinner parties, backyard bbqs, and wine tastings too. However, we recognize the intimate dinner party as first among equals for us. Whether it is a four-course dinner for two, an eight-course tasting menu for 12, or something between or outside of those ends, we design every menu to meet your individual needs and tastes (no corporate menus here!) and our founder/executive chef, danny boylen, brings all of his experience and passion to your palate and your plate.


Cocktail Parties

Whether you want heavy hors d’oeuvres, passed canapés, stationary platters, or a blend of all three, we approach each with the same guiding principles that drive all of our culinary creations: excellence or nothing. Of course, we can take care of the food and beverages needs, but we’re also delighted to handle all of your event planning and management. From invitations to decorations to equipment rentals to so much more, we have a team of professionals and partner organizations to reduce your work to: invite guests, get dressed, sip, sup, be fabulous, repeat… well, the last three should be repeated.


Cooking Classes

Want to learn how to make all of the things you'll be eating later? We're happy to do that too. The most important skill for a chef is obviously the ability to cook/create, the second most important is the ability to teach. Our chef loves to teach and excels at teaching to all skill levels.



We’re not just fine dining around here. We love throwing down ribs, brisket, and anything else that can go on the smoker or a grill. We believe in the power of a great brine, adhere to the church of low & slow cooking, and have a general love affair with all things BBQ. Our founder/chef has studied under pit masters from Memphis, Texas, Jamaica, and St. Louis… he does not recognize Carolina as a legitimate style of BBQ.

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