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Sample Menu Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Filled with Other Chefs

In the service industry, our highest obligation is always to our guests/clients. When those guests happen to be fellow industry professionals, however, there is a marginally extra something-something to that obligation. I can tell you it's because we know how little time other chefs get to spend dining out, or that they know how hard it is, but it's mostly because you don't want them to point fingers and laugh if you tank.


Leek & Mushroom Arancini

Balls of leek & wild mushroom risotto made with imported arborio rice, a white burgundy deglaze, and house-made chicken stock, finished with a 10yr aged balsamic and black truffle oil, stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, and deep-fried – this is the world's most perfect cocktail party food, and our version has inspired multiple marriage proposals among other things.

Smoked Olive and Cashew Tapenade

Mixed olives are smoked with brown sugar over applewood and blended with sundried tomatoes, pickled papadew peppers, toasted pine nuts & cashews, garlic, shallots, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and served with herbed crackers.


Shrimp Cocktail with a Cajun Accent

Sustainably harvested jumbo gulf shrimp are marinated overnight in an emulsified cajun seasoning, cooked sous vide with butter, caramelized onions, and roasted garlic, and just enough chilis so you know they're there. When done cooking, the shrimp are removed, blast chilled, and used for another dish. The melted butter, “shrimp juice”, and vegetables are puréed to create a “Gentilly Cocktail Sauce” for dipping. At the time of your event, another batch of shrimp are cooked the exact same way so they're hot for service. The hot shrimp are served in a hot batch of the cocktail sauce, and with logs of toasted sourdough bread.


Blue Cheese and Jalapeño Beignets

Both the English and the French lay claim to creating the beignet; we'll leave those two to fight for credit because we know irrespective of which country invented it, the beignet thrived in the cultural melting pot that is Creole cuisine. Our savory version is made with crumbled Gorgonzola and roasted jalapeños.


Pimento Cheese

I have a RAMMY Award, a Star Chef award, two nominations for James Beard Awards, authored a highly regarded cookbook, and have focused on making the best versions of every dish, without caveat or exception, for over 15 years. My girlfriend's Pimento Cheese is more popular than any dip I have ever made for cocktail parties. One day she finally let me record her process. This is that pimento cheese. Grated cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, slow-roasted bacon lardons, spices, sauces, and too many things to mention.

Drunken Thin Mint Milkshakes

Imagine a Thin Mint Cookie and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream have a love child and then spike it with bourbon.

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