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Hits & B-Sides
June Menu

I have decided to bring back the CE Saute Supper-Club project. It has taken a few different forms over the years (seven course tasting menu, a more casual 4ish courses, doing really fancy food at a delightfully divey bar, doing it for charity too, and during the darkest days of the quarantine times, pick-up). Now Hits & B-Sides is returning in it's most exclusive form. No more than ten guests for each dinner, once a month, secret locations, 5 course tasting menus, and most importantly good people, good music, good conversations, and great times.

The next dinner will be June 22nd.

Food from or Inspired by the Movie Chef"

On the 10th Anniversary of the Release


Dr. Amy's French Fries

Center cut Russet potatoes are par-boiled, air-dried, and then fried at a high temperature. White cheddar, black truffle, wasabi, soy, garlic, and hot sauce powder. Served with a chipotle aioli.

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese... all grown up

It's technically a bisque but we like the childhood nostalgia that tomato soup conjures: slow roasted san marzano tomatoes, garlic, leeks, red onions, goat cheese are blended with aged sherry, finished with just a touch of cream and served with a petite grilled cheese made with sourdough, a 3 year aged cheddar, a hint of blue cheese, some shaved manchego, caramelized onion, and chipotle aioli.

Twice-Cooked Pork Belly 

Heritage breed pork belly is marinated in buttermilk/beer/soy sauce solution for three days. It's cooked with herbs and butter for 10 hours sous vide, cooled, sliced and then crisped in brown butter, served with a shaved brussels sprouts and roasted bacon salad, finished with a creamy pan-sauce.

Pasta for ScarJo

Shaved garlic is sautéd in olive oil. Heirloom tomatoes are grated and added to the olive oil with sautéd onions, a basil chiffonade, and then blended with grated pecorino romano cheese. The sauce is tossed with linguini and topped with diced anchovies, more cheese and more basil.

Chocolate Lava Cake, Yes, Lava Cake

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