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Hits & B-Sides
July Menu

I have decided to bring back the CE Saute Supper-Club project. It has taken a few different forms over the years (seven-course tasting menu, a more casual 4ish courses, doing really fancy food at a delightfully divey bar, doing it for charity too, and during the darkest days of the quarantine times, pick-up). Now Hits & B-Sides is returning in its most exclusive form. No more than nine guests for each dinner, once a month, secret locations, 5 course (minimum) tasting menus, and most importantly good people, good music, good conversations, and great times.

The next dinner will be July 27th. Cocktail hour at 7pm, First Course 8ish.

Dr. Amy's French Fries

Center-cut Russet potatoes are par-boiled, air-dried, and then fried at a high temperature. White cheddar, black truffle, wasabi, soy, garlic, and hot sauce powder. Served with a chipotle aioli.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Like most of our dishes, our take on gazpacho takes some liberties with tradition and takes longer than most... Tuscan cantaloupes, heirloom tomatoes, english cucumbers, roasted poblano peppers, caramelized onions, braised garlic, roasted leeks, and sautéed shallots, are all salted and cured for two days before being twice-pureed, and then run through a fine mesh sieve to leave nothing but the softest texture in the bowl.

Barbara's Salad

Baby arugula, lightly roasted asparagus, toasted cashews, crumbled gorgonzola, lardons of slow-roasted thick-cut bacon, black truffle & honey mustard dressing, all served in a Parmesan frico cup.

Unsanctioned Pho

Lamb/Chicken/Pork/Beef broth is made with various peppers, ginger, star anise, onions, garlic, shallots, and other vegetables & spices. The broth is twice strained and seasoned with a bit of soy sauce, a splash of fish sauce, and served with glass noodles, shaved brisket (too long to explain), twice-cooked pork belly (also too long to explain), confit chicken, cilantro, shaved jalapeño, spring onions, and hot sauce on the side.

Blood Orange, Mango, Honey, and Sea Salt Sorbet

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